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Die In A Gunfight Review: A Stylish Reimagining of Romeo and Juliet

Diego Boneta	Diego Boneta	...	Ben Gibbon Alexandra Daddario	Alexandra Daddario	...	Mary Rathcart Justin Chatwin	Justin Chatwin	...	Terrence Uberahl Wade Allain-Marcus	Wade Allain-Marcus	...	Mukul Billy Crudup	Billy Crudup	...	Narrator Emmanuelle Chriqui	Emmanuelle Chriqui	...	Barbie Travis Fimmel	Travis Fimmel	...	Wayne Nicola Correia-Damude	Nicola Correia-Damude	...	Nancy Gibbon John Ralston	John Ralston	...	William Rathcart Michelle Nolden	Michelle Nolden	...	Beatrice Rathcart Stuart Hughes	Stuart Hughes	...	Henry Gibbon Phoebe Miu	Phoebe Miu	...	Phoebe (Bo) Lily Gao	Lily Gao	...	Lily (Bi) John Tench	John Tench	...	Echo (Goon 2) Neven Pajkic	Neven Pajkic	...	Bravo (Goon 1) Nneka Elliott	Nneka Elliott	...	GBN Anchor Renée Willett	Renée Willett	...	RNG Anchor (as Renee Willett) Jamie Jones	Jamie Jones	...	Security Officer

Release date: July 20, 2021
Running time: 92 minutes
Directed By: Collin Schiffli
Written By: Andrew Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari
Alexandra Daddario (Mary Rathcart), Diego Boneta (Ben Gibbon), Justin Chatwin (Terrence Uberahl), Wade Allain-Marcus (Mukul), Billy Crudup (Narrator), with Emmanuelle Chriqui (Barbie) and Travis Fimmel (Wayne)

In Die in a Gunfight, Mary (Alexandra Daddario) and Ben (Diego Boneta) are the star-crossed black sheep of two powerful families engaged in a centuries-long feud – and they’re about to reignite an affair after many years apart. Their forbidden love will trigger the dominoes that will draw in Mukul (Wade Allain-Marcus), Ben’s best friend, who owes him a life debt; Terrence (Justin Chatwin), Mary’s would-be protector-turned-stalker; Wayne (Travis Fimmel), an Aussie hitman with an open mind and a code of ethics; and his free-spirited girlfriend, Barbie (Emmanuelle Chriqui). As fists and bullets fly, it becomes clear that violent delights will have violent ends.

Leo Choy	...	Security Guard Okiki Kendall	Okiki Kendall	...	Waitress Peter Schoelier	Peter Schoelier	...	Homeless Man Simon Northwood	Simon Northwood	...	Thug 1 Ella Clofine	Ella Clofine	...	Girl in Diner Caroline Raynaud	Caroline Raynaud	...	Pamela Corbett-Ragsale
Die in a Gunfight is all about style.  The film starts with a comic inspired opening that highlights some of the more noticeable aspects of the film, its gritty setting and colorful style.  The city that this takes place in is not glamourous, with an old money feel to much of the locale.  But it also has this wonderful color that really pops off the screen, from colored lighting to coordinated shots and deliberate clothing choices, color plays an important role in this film.  It helps to tie the animated sections that explain backstory with the film itself.  And the style doesn't end with the colors, as the movie has a cool, laid back rebellious vibe throughout.  The characters rarely listen to the rules and often do what they want.  This is epitomized by Ben and Mukul's look on life, with a quiet and not so quiet rebellion that defies the privilege that they live in.  And Mary also fits the bill, with her own rage against her family and the circumstances that they put her in. 

And although the pops of color really give the movie a unique feel, this is also enhanced by the music.  There is an upbeat techno soundtrack through much of it that helps to showcase the updated feel of this romance saga.  The story of Die in a Gunfight feels like an updated Romeo and Juliet, with two star crossed lovers from bitter families trying to overcome their challenges for forbidden love.  Yet, this also has a modern feel with the families also being corporations and the lovers not just rebelling against their families, but also the privileges and money that come with it.  And although the film does have many aspects of this classic tale, it is not quite as tragic or as well put together.  The story is enjoyable but often times slows down as the characters prefer to expound on life and their own motivations rather than act.  For a film that has such an evocative title, there was much less actual gunfighting.   And the characters are relatively numerous but not that sympathetic.  I enjoyed my time with them and getting to know more about them, but I also didn't feel like I understood what was so tragic about their circumstances.  They were privileged and had been subtly but forcefully separated, but then again they also had some interesting life experiences and weren't wanting for much.  And although the movie does have some humor, it was not as funny or as clever as I think it was intended to be.  But the movie does have some memorable characters and scenes, with Wayne being a fun one to follow.  And it has some nice intertangling of the characters that made for some fun experiences!

Die in a Gunfight is a stylish, modern reimagining of Romeo and Juliet, with a bright color palette and memorable characters to help and hinder these star-crossed lovers.

Rent it.

Andrew Barrer	...	executive producer John W. Bosher	...	co-producer Tiffany Boyle	...	co-executive producer Andrew Bronfman	...	co-producer Jonathan Bronfman	...	producer (produced by) Alastair Burlingham	...	executive producer Tom Butterfield	...	producer (produced by) (p.g.a.) Chris Charles	...	co-producer Faust Checho	...	co-producer Michael Clofine	...	executive producer Lee Dreyfuss	...	executive producer Gabriel Ferrari	...	executive producer Mark Gordon	...	producer (produced by) (p.g.a.) Jason Ross Jallet	...	producer (produced by) Aaron Kantoff	...	executive producer Anna Kantoff	...	executive producer Martin Metz	...	producer (produced by) Adrian Politowski	...	producer (produced by) Elsa Ramo	...	co-executive producer Gary Raskin	...	executive producer Adam W. Rosen	...	executive producer Allyson Seeger	...	producer (produced by) Joel Shapiro	...	executive producer James Edward Stewart	...	associate producer Casey Walker	...	executive producer Harry White	...	executive producer
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