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Love Type D Review: An Entertaining, If Safe, Rom Com

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Release date: July 9, 2021
Running time: 94 minutes
Written and Directed By: Sasha Collington
Cast: Maeve Dermody, Rory Stroud, Oliver Farnworth, and Tovah Feldshuh

How can someone love you yesterday and not today? Shortly after her boyfriend sends his12-year-old brother to break the news that she’s dumped, Frankie Browne discovers that she has a loser in love gene. Every man she goes out with will inevitably break up with her. Facing a lifetime of romantic failure, Frankie turns to the only genetics expert she knows: her former nemesis, Wilbur, a schoolboy science prodigy. Wilbur develops a maverick theory to reverse her romantic fortunes that sets into motion an unexpected and comic journey into Frankie’s past of questionable romantic choices.

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Love Type D has a very funny start mostly involving the young Wilbur (Stroud) trying to break up with Frankie (Dermody) for his older brother.  Although the movie is a rom com, and focuses on Frankie's relationship, Wilbur is the star of this show.  I loved his serious, calculated demeanor, and his take on love and life despite his young age.  He was a lot of fun to watch as he tried to advise Frankie on her love journey.  But Dermody is no slouch either, and she is likewise fun to watch as she tries to figure out whether she has a genetic predisposition to being dumped and then trying to overcome this.  And despite Farnworth being more of a bad guy (though not overtly), he is still fun to watch.  After a plot twist part way through the film, he definitely becomes a much more enjoyable character.  

And although Love Type D is a funny, cute movie it did not do enough of either.  I enjoyed the jokes but they just weren't as funny as I was hoping they would be.  Like any relationship, the film has a funny start that then just starts to coast after we are comfortable with the characters and the story.  The humor doesn't ramp up, despite a few good moments here and there, and overall it just feels like Love Type D becomes complacent.  And although the movie also has cute moments, it is not heartfelt enough for most of it.  And for some reason, Frankie's character is just not one that I felt like I wanted to root for.  Her plight didn't seem that dire and she just wasn't that sympathetic.  Overall, the film just didn't have enough going for it to keep my interest.  I prefer romcoms to have more humor and heart than Love Type D had, and although it has both, it just doesn't do enough to distinguish itself from the pack.  

Love Type D's fun concept and enjoyable British cast, headlined by both Dermody and Stroud, make for an entertaining, if safe romantic comedy.

Rent it.

Jessica Benhamou	...	producer Frances Bremer	...	executive producer Alex Catto	...	executive producer Sasha Collington	...	producer Thomas Darby-Evans	...	line producer: additional photography (as Thomas Evans) Maurice Day-Lawson	...	executive producer Harry Dodd-Noble	...	producer Martin Duggan	...	executive producer Olwyn Fagan	...	line producer Stephen Fleck	...	executive producer Michael Halpern	...	executive producer Alice Henley	...	line producer Michael Julien	...	executive producer Robert Loeser	...	associate producer Stephen Morant	...	executive producer Daria Polunina	...	executive producer Andrew Scott	...	executive producer Ivan Shenkman	...	executive producer David Stroud	...	executive producer Angelique Talio	...	line producer Reg Valin	...	executive producer Paul Young	...	associate producer / line producer
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