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The Last Matinee Review: A Throwback Movie Theater Horror Experience

Ricardo Islas	...	Asesino comeojos Luciana Grasso	Luciana Grasso	...	Ana Franco Duran	Franco Duran	...	Tomás Julieta Spinelli	Julieta Spinelli	...	Ángela Bruno Salvatti	Bruno Salvatti	...	Esteban (Tea) Vladimir Knazevs	Vladimir Knazevs	...	Goni Daiana Carigi	Daiana Carigi	...	Maite (Brooke Shields) Patricia Porzio	Patricia Porzio	...	Gabriela Emanuel Sobré	Emanuel Sobré	...	Horacio Pedro Duarte	Pedro Duarte	...	Mauricio Yuly Aramburu	Yuly Aramburu	...	María Julia Hugo Blandamuro	Hugo Blandamuro	...	Hugo Julio Troisi	Julio Troisi	...	Vilardebó Juan Carlos Lema	Juan Carlos Lema	...	Viejo Vicente Varela	Vicente Varela	...	Diego Valeria Martínez Eguizabal	Valeria Martínez Eguizabal	...	Mamá de Diego Lucas Fressero	Lucas Fressero	...	Niño jugando Fernán Moliv	Fernán Moliv	...	Policía

Release date: August 6, 2021
Running time: 88 minutes
Directed By: Maxi Contenti (Muñeco viviente V, Neptunia)
Written By: Maxi Contenti and Manuel Facal (High Five, Fiesta Nibiru) and Contenti,
Starring: Luciana Grasso (El Secreto de Julia), Ricardo Islas (El Que No Corre Vuela, Bailiwick), Julieta Spinelli, Franco Duran, 
Patricia Porzio, and Pedro Duarte.

The audience attending the last showing of a horror film in a small downtown cinema are terrorized by a murderer who begins to pick them off, one by one. The only person to notice that something strange is going on is the projectionist’s daughter.

Maximiliano Contenti	...	producer Alina Kaplan	...	producer Daniel Pensa	...	co-producer Fernanda Pifano	...	assistant producer Miguel Angel Rocca	...	co-producer Martin Rupenian	...	associate producer Lucía Gaviglio Salkind	...	producer Carlos Scheck	...	associate producer Valentina Titakis	...	assistant producer
The Last Matinee has a great old school horror feel that starts with the main attraction of this film, the wonderful classic theater that it is set in.  From the projector film, to the grandiose entryway, to the thick curtains at the auditorium entrance, to the classic movie posters hanging on the wall, the theaters is a great monument to a different time in cinema.  I loved seeing the light of the projector, the issues with the film, and just how spectacular the place was.  And through it all you had a classic horror film playing on the screen, a nice touch that gave this film a horror vibe right from the start.  And it was nice to see a grand auditorium given that many haven't been back to the theaters in a very long time.

But on top of the wonderful setting, The Last Matinee has a sense of dread that hits you from the start.  It is a rain soaked night, meaning that a large ominous man in a face-obscuring rain coat doesn't seem that strange.  And the dark movie theater, horror film, and general lack of people in this giant auditorium make for the perfect setting for them to be picked off one by one.  And to add to this dread the film has some old-style horror sounds and big notes to help amplify the feeling of unease.  And the emptiness of the theater means that you are always expecting the killer to jump out at just that moment, and sometimes he does!

And the auditorium itself is full of somewhat quirky characters, at least providing enough variety to keep the story interesting.  You don't learn much about them due to the movie nature (they can't talk much) but there is enough here to keep the story moving.  And when the story really picks up, you get some grisly special effects and deaths.  The movie has a throwback feel in the deaths too, with over the top violence, practical effects, and plenty of blood.  And in true slasher fashion, the villain is ruthless and pretty much crazed.  The film doesn't give you justification for why this is happening and you don't really care; you just know that this killer is taking people out and you are holding your breath to see who will survive.  

The Last Matinee has a throwback slasher feel with its wonderful classic theater setting, grisly effects and deaths, and quirky cast of theater patrons.

Watch it.

Directed by  Maximiliano Contenti	Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)   Maximiliano Contenti	...	(original idea) Maximiliano Contenti	...	(screenplay collaboration) Manuel Facal
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The Last Matinee available digitally and on demand on August 24, 2021.  

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