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I'm An Electric Lampshade Review: An Entertaining Documentary Narrative About Pursuing Your Dreams

Doug McCorkle	Doug McCorkle	...	Doug Regina McCorkle	Regina McCorkle	...	Gina Cesar Valentino	Cesar Valentino	...	Sin Andre Isra-Jeron Ysmael	Isra-Jeron Ysmael	...	Fandango Darnell Bernard	Darnell Bernard	...	Gina's Companion Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Dane Afuang	Dane Afuang	...	Block Party Performers Jocelyn Agdalpen	Jocelyn Agdalpen	...	Fandango's Family Joreine Agdalpen	Joreine Agdalpen	...	Fandango's Family Jaritza Aguada	Jaritza Aguada	...	Dancer Emmanuel Aguilar	Emmanuel Aguilar	...	Honey Lasang Bee Larry Alexander	Larry Alexander		 Glen Almonte	Glen Almonte	...	Psychedelic Alley Thug Jorjina Amefia-Koffi	Jorjina Amefia-Koffi	...	Red Crew Emeth Grace Amir	Emeth Grace Amir	...	Block Party Performers Denmark Angeles	Denmark Angeles	...	Makeup Artist Mark Joseph Aquino	Mark Joseph Aquino	...	Mark Gia Asperas	Gia Asperas	...	Training Montage Artist Ian Asuncion	Ian Asuncion	...	Whatever Alexa

Release date: September 23, 2021
Running time: 92 minutes
Written and Directed By: John Clayton Doyle
Doug McCorkle, Regina McCorkle, Cesar Valentino, Isra Jeron Ysmael, Darnell Peart, Robin Dunn, Mark Joseph Aquino, Marshall Factora, and Marion McCorkle Beckerman.

Director John Clayton Doyle’s acclaimed documentary-narrative hybrid I’M AN ELECTRIC LAMPSHADE is embarking on a widescale festival run this fall across North America.  Called both “one of the best documentaries of the year” (, and “One of the best films we’ll see all year” (KQED), the mind-bending music odyssey tells of Doug McCorkle, a buttoned- up, mild-mannered corporate accountant. After retiring at age 60, Doug puts his marriage and life savings on the line to chase his wildest dream.

Nikole Barajas	...	Dancer Bernie Barrantes	Bernie Barrantes	...	Bernie the Drag Queen Lyka Bernal	Lyka Bernal	...	Fortune Teller Kevin Biles	Kevin Biles	...	Boy Scout Twitty Bird	Twitty Bird	...	Psychedelic Alley Thug Jalin Bruce	Jalin Bruce	...	Red Crew Falynn Burton	Falynn Burton		 Ashlie Butler	Ashlie Butler	...	Concert Backup Vocalist 2 Marisol Cal y Mayor	Marisol Cal y Mayor	...	Doug Fanatic Robert Cardazone	Robert Cardazone	...	Office Extra Ashley Carment	Ashley Carment	...	Ear Piercing Technician Oceana Castañeda	Oceana Castañeda	...	Concert Band Member Romina Catalán	Romina Catalán	...	Block Party Performers Angelica Cauilan	Angelica Cauilan	...	Block Party Performers Gedion Cesar	Gedion Cesar	...	Honey Lasang Bee John Cesar	John Cesar	...	Honey Lasang Bee Jacob Charvat	Jacob Charvat	...	Boy Scout Vilma Chew	Vilma Chew	...	Fandango's Family William Chua	William Chua	...	Fandango's Family
I'm An Electric Lampshade is a very different type of film.  It is billed as narrative documentary, which seems like an accurate approximation of this strange but ultimately entertaining film.  The movie chronicles the real life retirement push by Doug McCorkle to fulfill his dream of performing on stage, with the work that went into his preparation and the pain that occurred to both him and his relationship.  But the film mixes aspects of true documentary footage with a some manufactured, but no less interesting scenarios.  It is tough to see where the lines blur, because the reality of McCorkle's story is already so ridiculous.  The film is sort of a 50/50 split of documentary and filmed scenarios, but even the filmed scenarios force McCorkle to get outside of his comfort zone.  Since he has never acted before, all of this serves as a vehicle for him to become more outgoing and more of a performer, and the transformation you see on screen is fascinating to watch.

And I'm An Electric Lampshade is a very entertaining journey, showing this strangely charismatic character's path to his dream of rock stardom.  I liked McCorkle's willingness to work and the roundabout way that he went fulfilling his dream.  His music is quirky, much like he is, but he definitely goes all out for his performances, dawning some unique, exotic, and uncomfortable outfits for this rock premiere.  And although the film is about McCorkle following his dreams, it also shows the very human cost that it had on him. It highlights his own struggles and pain during this endeavor, but it also shows the struggles and pain his relationships went through.  It is an eye opening journey, and one that should inspire all of use to pursue our dreams.  And most importantly, the journey--although strange--is ultimately entertaining with some ridiculous performances and scenarios by McCorkle.

I'm An Electric Lampshade is a quirky and thoroughly entertaining documentary / mockumentary hybrid, with a no holds barred performance by McCorkle in a look at the joy and cost of pursuing your dreams. 

Watch it.

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