Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Crazy Fist Review: Action, Crocodiles, And Interesting Locales, Oh My!

Release date: September 14, 2021 (Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital)
Running time: 102 minutes
Directed By: Guo Qing
Starring: Steve Yoo, Wang Wei, Collin Chou, Xiaoming Huang, Wei Zhao, and Kai Greene 

After an opponent dies mid-match, a prominent MMA champion swore never to fight again, instead retiring to run his family’s international business. However, when his best friend dies under suspicious circumstances during another tournament, he has no choice but to step back in the ring to help uncover the truth.

Crazy Fist is going to be judged mostly by its action and thankfully that is mostly positive.  I enjoyed the intense introduction and the craziness of a fighting ring surrounded by crocodiles which made every step that much more dangerous.  And for the most part the fights are intense and fast, but many don't' have the same gravity as the first showdown.  They are over pretty quickly and sometimes the character's hits don't connect to their opponents, especially when weapons are used.  It's not too distracting but can be noticeable at times.  But the film does also give you an excuse to visit several Chinese locales, which are bright and imaginative.  I liked seeing some of the more colorful locales in between the big bouts.  And the cast is full of interesting characters with many ulterior motives.  I especially liked one of the police officers who kept using crazy disguises to try and stay undercover.  It provided some levity to this often serious film, letting you crack a smile between intense combat.  

However, despite Crazy Fist's entertaining action and imaginative locales, the film also has a story that was just tough to follow.  It feels like too much is going on and it will frequently cut mid fight with little notice.  This is not always the smoothest transition, and it definitely interrupts the flow of the movie.  You'll be in the middle of a bout and all of the sudden it goes to some gangster's room.  And although the film does not use much CG, there is an unnecessary CG moment in the middle of it that just sticks out at you.  It is strange because the film is mostly free of noticeable CG until that point, and the scene itself is relatively minor so it just seemed like an odd choice.  

In the end, Crazy Fist has entertaining action and bright locations to visit that will keep you engaged despite the somewhat difficult to follow story.

Rent it.

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