Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Box Office for June 21 - 23, 2013; Monsters U graduates with honors, World War Z passes too

Monsters U scared its way to the top of the box office with $82 million, Pixar's second-highest opening behind Toy Story 3's massive $110 million. World War Z's $66 million beat lowered expectations related to its troubled production, and has surprisingly become Brad Pitt's biggest opening ever (previously Mr and Mrs. Smith with $50.3 million). It's also the the second-highest 2nd place opening of all time. Like the weekend when both Fast 6 and Hangover Part III opened, two strong debuts and the continued success of other recent releases made this one of the biggest box office weekends ever. This summer seems to feature a lot of smart pairings of all-audience films with more targeted releases, like next weekend's White House Down and female-powered The Heat or the following week's Despicable Me 2 and the incredibly big budget The Lone Ranger.

Man of Steel has already become the highest-grossing Superman movie ever made, but its second weekend drop was slightly higher than that of similar movies. It's expected to beat $300 million in America, which is good but not spectacular when compared to the success of recent Batman, Iron Man and Spider-Man films. This is the End debuted much lower than Hangover, but is retaining more of its audience. Now You See Me and Fast 6 are hanging on, unlike the rapidly disappearing After Earth. The Internship has beaten Vince Vaughn's 2012's disappointing The Watch, but will likely do little better than 2011's similarly disappointing The Dilemma and its $48 million total. Epic is looking like Blue Sky's lowest-grossing production yet. Bling Ring and Much Ado About Nothing both went nationwide. Read more about the box office here and see how other movies performed here.

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