Friday, June 7, 2013

What to Watch This Weekend: June 7, 2013

In Theaters: The Kings of Summer
This is a charming, funny coming of age movie about three boys' somewhat misguided plan to live on their own terms. Those who enjoy the great outdoors will really appreciate the woodsy setting. Here's the review.

On DVD: Warm Bodies
This human-zombie romantic comedy seems implausible. I'm okay with the modification of supernatural fiction tropes, but the rules are bent a lot here. Still, it's kind of funny and sweet. Don't be put off by the review's comparison to Twilight. This is much lighter and sillier than the melodramatic vampire series.

Streaming (Netflix): Knuckleball!
I haven't seen this acclaimed baseball documentary, but I'm intrigued by its focus on two pitchers (Tim Wakefield and R.A. Dickey, the only knuckleballers of the 2011 season) who attribute their success to their rare pitching abilities. Though the unusual pitch is discussed, the real draw seems to be the good-natured pitchers and the drama they endured during that particular baseball season.

Streaming (HBO Go): Die Hard, Die Hard 2 or Die Hard with a Vengeance
If you have the misfortune of watching A Good Day to Die Hard on its newly released DVD, you may be left wondering why the franchise is revered at all. Fortunately, the first three films are available at HBO until June 15, and will remind you of how good the movies once were.

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