Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Box Office for June 7 - 9, 2013: The Internship Was Purged

Moviegoers looking for scares spent $36 million on The Purge. This made it the weekend's top film and the year's biggest horror opening, though I feel Purge is better described as a suspenseful thriller. With a surprisingly low $3 million budget, it's already become a great return on investment.  Fast 6 came in second and will become the highest-grossing Fast film within days. Now You See Me barely missed second, maintaining a large amount of its modest opening weekend audience. Like GatsbyNYSM seems to appeal to those looking outside of the standard summer blockbusters and sequels.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson's The Internship was not the surprise success that Wedding Crashers was back in 2005, grossing only $18 million. The audience was primarily older with 61% of viewers at or above age 25. The actors, the weak reviews and the odd Google premise didn't attract younger audiences despite the more welcoming PG-13 rating. After Earth made only $11 million after a weak opening, but its $45 million international opening indicates that it will likely have a decent, if unspectacular, worldwide total in the end. Hangover Part III is struggling to make half of Part II's $254 million domestic take, taking in only $7 million for a $102 million total and falling fast. Read more about the box office here and see more estimates here.

Weekend box office estimates for June 7 - 9, 2013:

1. The Purge; $36,379,000; opening weekend

2. Fast & Furious 6; $19,760,000; $202,946,000 total; -43.8%; 3rd weekend

3. Now You See Me; $19,500,000; $61,374,000 total; -33.6%; 2nd weekend

4. The Internship; $18,100,000; opening weekend

5. Epic; $12,100,000; $84,155,000 total; -27.2%; 3rd weekend

6. Star Trek Into Darkness; $11,700,000; $200,140,000 total; -30.3%; 4th weekend

7. After Earth; $11,200,000; $46,592,000 total; -59.3%; 2nd weekend

8. The Hangover Part III; $7,380,000; $102,374,000 total; -55.0%; 3rd weekend

9. Iron Man 3; $5,787,000; $394,316,000 total; -31.5%; 6th weekend

10. The Great Gatsby; $4,230,000; $136,175,000 total; -35.1%; 5th weekend

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