Thursday, June 27, 2013

News: Liam Neeson back for Taken 3?

I've heard that Liam Neeson was reluctant to make Taken 2, but he returned to the role of Bryan Mills upon being offered $15 million. It looks like money still talks, because he's reportedly accepted $20 million to display his very particular set of skills, once again, in Taken 3. That's pretty good for a 61-year-old who spent much of his career in low key films, but no surprise considering his talent helped the two low-budget thrillers gross $226 million and $374 million, respectively. Now that Bryan's immediate family, including himself, have all been taken, who can possibly be taken next? Producer Robert Mark Kamen says that 3 won't follow the same formula. Perhaps no one will be taken at all, similar to Hangover Part III's odd lack of hangovers. Also like The Hangover, the second film was beaten by critics who felt it had lost the original's unique touch. Hopefully this threequel will reverse the downward trajectory. Read more about this news here.

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