Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend box office, May 31 - June 2, 2013: Now You See Me Tricks After Earth

Fast & Furious 6 topped the weekend again with $34.5 million. The bigger news is that Now You See Me took second place, with the bigger budgeted, higher profile After Earth taking in a surprisingly low $27 million. After Earth's low debut is similar to those of 2012 sci-fi dissapointments John Carter and Battleship, though its $130 million budget makes it a smaller bomb than those $200 million+ investments. Fast 6 and The Hangover Part III both experienced larger than usual weekend gross drops of over 60%. Large drops are typical for the Fast series, and Fast 6 should easily become the highest grossing one yet. The original Hangover, however, had found success by retaining unusually large attendance numbers. Part III disappointed audiences and is expected to fall short of both its predecessors.

After Earth is disappointing for both Will and Jaden Smith, whose most recent works (Men in Black 3 and The Karate Kid) both debuted in the area of $55 million. Will Smith is popular, but his name couldn't beat the negative reviews and uninteresting marketing. Now You See Me is a modest success, but it's also modestly budgeted and should be profitable. Star Trek continues to perform well, though it's now trailing the 2009 film by about $10 million. Epic has less than three weeks until Monsters University captures the family audience. You may have never heard of #9 film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (translation: This Youth Is Crazy). It's a well-received Bollywood film released in only 161 theaters. And Iron Man 3 is now the world's fifth-highest grossing film. Read more about the box office here and see all of the weekend estimates here.

Weekend Box Office estimates, May 31 - June 2, 2013:

1. Fast & Furious 6; $34,538,000; $170,377,000; -64.5%; 2nd weekend

2. Now You See Me; $28,050,000; opening weekend

3. After Earth; $27,000,000; opening weekend

4. Star Trek Into Darkness; $16,400,000; $181,156,000 total; -56.0%; 3rd weekend

4. Epic; $16,400,000; $65,161,000 total; -51.1%; 2nd weekend

6. The Hangover Part III; $15,930,000; $88,086,000 total; -61.8%; 2nd weekend

7. Iron Man 3; $8,006,000; $384,751,000 total; -58.6%; 5th weekend

8. The Great Gatsby; $6,265,000; $128,256,000 total; 4th weekend

9. Yei Jawaani Hai Deewani; $1,651,000; opening weekend

10. Mud; $1,226,000; $16,866,000 total; -36.8%; 6th weekend

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