Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard Review: Double Trouble Meets Triple Threat

Release date: June 16, 2021
Running time: 99 minutes
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas, Morgan Freeman, Frank Grillo, Caroline Goodall
Directed By: Patrick Hughes
Written By: Tom O'Connor, Phillip Murphy, Brandon Murphy

The world’s most lethal odd couple – bodyguard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) and hitman Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) – are back on another life-threatening mission. Still unlicensed and under scrutiny, Bryce is forced into action by Darius’s even more volatile wife, the infamous international con artist Sonia Kincaid (Salma Hayek). As Bryce is driven over the edge by his two most dangerous protectees, the trio get in over their heads in a global plot and soon find that they are all that stand between Europe and a vengeful and powerful madman (Antonio Banderas). 

Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard is just pure ridiculous fun.  This starts with the wonderful cast that just seem to be perfectly situated to play the standard characters you know and love from them.  Ryan Reynolds is a nicer, straight edge guy who says whatever comes to his mind (and it's usually pretty funny).  Samuel L. Jackson is a badass who also says whatever comes to his mind (also quite funny).  Salma Hayek is a hot headed companion to Samuel L. who has made quite a niche for herself playing the fiery heroine with just a little bit of crazy.  And Antonio Banderas was enjoyable as an international supervillain who is trying to take the entire system down.  Morgan Freeman was peak Morgan Freeman, as the amazing person that everyone looks up to.  And special shout out to Frank Grillo, who also is perfectly cast as a gruff agent who doesn't mind breaking the rules to get things done.  

The film is laugh out loud funny with some random acts and some very funny set pieces.  The movie takes place across Europe with exotic locales and some very beautiful scenes.  This kind of globe trotting film is a welcome break from a year when many people didn't leave their homes.  The movie's locations are bright and colorful, and even the night scenes are full of neon lights.  But what really makes this film special is the camaraderie between the main three stars.  Reynolds, Jackson, and Hayek really feed off of each other for some very funny dialogue and crazy situations.  It really just feels like their characters play off of one another and keep upping the silliness factor.  And the film helps and encourages this with some truly random situations that are just fun to see unfold.  And after the year we have had, this is such a wonderfully ridiculous film to get people back into theaters and smiling. 

Sure, the story might be far fetched but that's the point of the film. It is a 99 minute fever dream of over the top action, insane situations, and random and raunchy comedy.  Everything about this films is over the top in a good way, and it really makes for an enjoyable experience.  Oh, and what really makes this film pop at times is the amazing soundtrack.  As with everything about this movie, it is exaggerated but it definitely adds to the feeling of the film.  You'll have soulful songs, raging rock, and everything in between depending on the situation.  

Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard's wonderful cast, random and ridiculous comedy, and amazing soundtrack make for the kind of laugh-out-loud movie we need right now.

Watch it.

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