Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Road Head Review: A Classic-Style Horror Film That WIll Put A Smile On Your Face

Release date: June 4, 2021
Running time: 83 minutes
Directed By: David Del Rio
Written By: Chloe Skye
Starring: Elizabeth Grullon, Damian Joseph Quinn, Clayton Farris, Paul T. Taylor

Three friends (Elizabeth Grullon, Damian Joseph Quinn, Clayton Farris) take a road trip to the Mojave Desert where their complicated relationships are pushed to their breaking point as the group encounters a reclusive, murderous cult. 

Road Head's story fits its name.  The film title is a double entendre involving the film's actual automotive fellatio and the literal heads that are on the road during the film.  And the movie has a few instances of both types of road head.  It starts roughly but it does feel like a throwback to ridiculous classic horror movies.  The situation is corny, tense, and gory.  But after the rough start, the film introduces us to the three friends who are a lot of fun to see.  Grullon, Quinn, and Farris play off each other well and their group dynamic introduces a lot of humor and tension.  They are all fun to watch, but Quinn is definitely the standout.  His character has some fight but also has a lot of funny lines and heart.  

Road Head is all sorts of random and ridiculous.  If starts off like your normal horror film, but eventually turns corny with just a hint of sinister when the group stumbles onto the mysterious cult.  The cult is full of characters, and you can tell that Del Rio has fun filming them.  They are all quirky and just a little off, and their first reveal is a very funny one.  And it is this humor that makes this a more enjoyable, less serious horror experience.  The jokes don't all hit but there are enough that you will be chuckling while you watch.  

However, the movie is not a perfect one.  The fil has some rough cuts in it that make it seem like some shots weren't completed and the movie was edited around it.  And there are some instances of blood not showing up where it should be.  But the film also has plenty of blood in it so maybe that balances out.  And some of the decisions that the characters make are you typical horror movie questionable decisions; instances where they really should have gone around or run the other way.  Is it a good movie?  Well, yes and no.  Is it an entertaining movie with plenty of ridiculousness and levity?  Yes indeed.  The movie isn't very deep or complicated, but it does feel like a throwback to classic horror films with some more modern sensibilities.  

Road Head's core group of characters and over the top ridiculousness and gore makes it a film that will rise to the occasion and put a smile on your face.

Rent it.

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Road Head is available digitally and on demand on June 4, 2021.  

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