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Vicious Fun Review: An 80s Homage That Is Both Vicious And Fun

Evan Marsh	...	Joel Amber Goldfarb	Amber Goldfarb	...	Carrie Ari Millen	Ari Millen	...	Bob Julian Richings	Julian Richings	...	Fritz Robert Maillet	Robert Maillet	...	Mike Sean Baek	Sean Baek	...	Hideo David Koechner	David Koechner	...	Zachary Alexa Rose Steele	Alexa Rose Steele	...	Sarah Kristopher Bowman	Kristopher Bowman	...	Detective Doyle Mark Gibson	Mark Gibson	...	Detective Hollands John Fray	John Fray	...	Officer Tony Joe Bostick	Joe Bostick	...	Phil Kameron Louangxay	Kameron Louangxay	...	Bartender Earl 'Bubba' McLean Jr.	Earl 'Bubba' McLean Jr.	...	Cabbie Craig Brown	Craig Brown	...	The Clerk Darryl Hinds	Darryl Hinds	...	Doctor

Release date: June 29, 2021 Running time: 93 minutes Directed By: Cody Calahan Written By: Cody Calahan (story by), James Villeneuve Starring: Evan Marsh (Shazam!), Amber Goldfarb (Appiness), Ari Millen (Orphan Black), Julian Richings (Man of Steel), Robert Maillet (Sherlock Holmes), Sean Baek (Killjoys), David Koechner (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy), Alexa Rose Steele (Jann), Mark Gibson (Exit Humanity), Kristopher Brown (Jib & Jab on a Quest) and John Fray (The Silence). Vicious Fun follows Joel (Evan Marsh), a caustic 1980’s film critic for a national horror magazine, who finds himself unwittingly trapped in a self-help group for serial killers. With no other choice, Joel attempts to blend in with his homicidal surroundings or risk becoming the next victim.

Gord Rand	...	Jack Portwood Joanne Jansen	Joanne Jansen	...	Cindy Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Angel Adegboruwa	Angel Adegboruwa	...	Bar Patron Tracy Baker	Tracy Baker	...	Bar Patron Bryan Barnes	Bryan Barnes	...	Emergency Worker MacKenzie Boyd-Garrison	MacKenzie Boyd-Garrison	...	Girl in 1980's Horror Film Rodger Edralin	Rodger Edralin	...	Bar Patron Aisling Egan	Aisling Egan	...	Bar Patron Andrew Francis	Andrew Francis	...	Emergency Worker Jeremy Hernandez	Jeremy Hernandez	...	Bar Patron Jason Huska	Jason Huska	...	Emergency Worker Ashling Ireland	Ashling Ireland	...	Bar Patron Natalie Jane	Natalie Jane	...	Girl in Bar Josette Jorge	Josette Jorge	...	Nurse Richard Marks	Richard Marks	...	Emergency Worker Ann Pirvu	Ann Pirvu	...	Suzanne Tracy Rankin	Tracy Rankin	...	Emergency Worker Randy Thomas	Randy Thomas	...	Doctor in 80s Horror Film
Vicious Fun clearly has a love of 80s films and style and it shows through right from the start. The film is set in the 80s with time appropriate touches throughout. But it also has a prominent use of neon and a style that lets you know that this is 80s through and through. The film also sets the tone with a great musical soundtrack that evokes the 80s but is more of a techno style sound. It really is wonderful to hear and is perfect for this film. The film clearly loves 80s movies as the central killers in this movie all feel like they could be right out of that time period. No one has supernatural powers, but they are varied enough that each evokes a classic 80s theme. And these are pulled off by the great cast.

The characters are fun to learn about and well acted, especially Ari Millen as Bob and Jullian Richings as Fritz. Their characters were just over the top enough while still being enjoyable and sinister to watch. Evan Marsh is also good as Joel, and I loved his film critic character (though maybe it hit a little close to home about how socially awkward he was)! And I loved that his outfit evoked another classic 80s property.

The story of the film follows three main arcs, and each is fun to follow and very different. I liked each of them for very different reasons but overall they come together to form a cohesive whole. The serial killer support group scene was definitely the most enjoyable, but the complete package of Vicious Fun is both vicious and fun. And this wouldn't be a great 80s horror homage without some wonderful gore, and Vicious Fun has that as well. The practical effects are brutal and over the top, again right out of the time period. The film also has a great sense of dark humor that keeps the film lighthearted and fun. It really is a wonderful blend of 80s style with modern movie sensibilities, to create a wonderful homage to this genre of film.

Vicious Fun is the rare movie that lives up to its title, with an 80s style and great characters to make for an homage that is both vicious and fun.

Watch it.

Nat Abraham	...	executive producer Chad Archibald	...	producer Peter Bevan	...	executive producer Leanne Brennan	...	supervising producer Jessica Butland	...	executive producer Cody Calahan	...	producer Denis Coyne	...	executive producer Ira Levy	...	executive producer Craig McGillivray	...	executive producer Michael McGuigan	...	executive producer Mark Myers	...	executive producer Mariana Sanjurjo	...	executive producer Christopher Warre Smets	...	associate producer Michael S.E. White	...	associate producer Tomás Yankelevich	...	executive producer

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