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Plan B Review: A Raunchy Teen Comedy With Something To Say

Kuhoo Verma	...	Sunny Victoria Moroles	Victoria Moroles	...	Lupe Michael Provost	Michael Provost	...	Hunter Mason Cook	Mason Cook	...	Kyle Jolly Abraham	Jolly Abraham	...	Rosie Jacob Vargas	Jacob Vargas	...	Pastor Pedro Myha'la Herrold	Myha'la Herrold	...	Logan Timothy Granaderos	Timothy Granaderos	...	Xander Rachel Dratch	Rachel Dratch	...	Ms. Flaucher Edi Patterson	Edi Patterson	...	Doris Moses Storm	Moses Storm	...	Andy Jay Chandrasekhar	Jay Chandrasekhar	...	Pharmacist Gus Birney	Gus Birney	...	Megan Hana Hayes	Hana Hayes	...	Emma Euriamis Losada	Euriamis Losada	...	Doug (as E.L. Losada) Josh Ruben	Josh Ruben	...	Philip Peterson Bobby Tisdale	Bobby Tisdale	...	Bill

Release date: May 28, 2021
Running time: 107 minutes
Director: Natalie Morales
Writers: Joshua Levy, Prathiksha Srinivasan
Stars: Kuhoo Verma, Victoria Moroles, Michael Provost

Follows a straight-laced high school student and her slacker best friend who, after a regrettable first sexual encounter, have 24 hours to hunt down a Plan B pill in America's heartland.

Alexander Low	...	Rake Jane Kharkover	Jane Kharkover	...	Greta Nneka	Nneka	...	Bride Jon Akoko	Jon Akoko	...	Groom Nimo Gandhi	Nimo Gandhi	...	Indian Man Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Bill Di Paolo	Bill Di Paolo	...	(uncredited)
Plan B is in the similar vein as some of the 90s and 2000s ridiculous road trip comedies but with a very different, much smarter message.  First off, the film is funny and that is mostly because of the duo of Verma and Moroles.  The two play best friends on the screen and their friendship really fuels the movie.  As with earlier friendship, road trip type movies, the pair spend a lot of time together and are thrust into some insane situations on their crazy night.  The two take it in stride and are a lot of fun on screen. But it is not just these two that make the movie fun, the cast is full of fun characters that keep the story moving and the ridiculousness flowing.

And the humor is probably what will draw you into this film.  It is great to see a raunchy comedy with two female leads.  Similar to the also wonderful Booksmart, Plan B has two fabulous female leads who are going on a journey of growth and self discovery.  And they also have a lot of funny and over-the-top encounters.  There are also little bits of cultural humor in here due to Sunny's Indian background; the references to the Indian mafia were very funny to see.  And the movie also has tons of random small town and conservative America humor sprinkled throughout that make it an entertaining film.  

But what is so special about Plan B is that it is an entertaining film that also has something to say.  First and foremost, it is interesting to see what Sunny (Verma) has to go through in order to get some basic medical care.  The whole insane road trip is initiated because of a seemingly arbitrary decision by a pharmacist, one that should not be allowed to be made.  And because of this, Sunny then has to go on a crazy, dangerous, and unnecessary road trip that puts herself and her friend in danger.  Sure the film takes this in stride and makes an entertaining film about it, but it is also an underlying message of Plan B that this should just not have happened.  Additionally, because of the sexual nature of the film, there is some discussion about sex, sex education, and sexual maturity.  And it is really refreshing to see some of the attitudes towards sex expressed in the film.  In a culture where sex is so often taboo for young women, Plan B does have some mature conversations and insights into this subject matter, which you would not expect from a raunchy teen comedy.  I really liked how some of the characters handled sex and sexual relations, and the support that they showed.  

Plan B's entertaining premise, raunchy and relatable comedy, and underlying message about contraception and sex in America make this movie an A-list film.

Watch it.
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