Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Evil Next Door Review: A Stylish Haunted House Movie That Doesn't Bring Anything New

Directed by: Oskar MellanderTord Danielsson Starring: Dilan GwynEddie Eriksson DominguezLinus WahlgrenTroy JamesSander FalkKarin Lithman

Release date: June 25, 2021
Running time: 88 minutes
Written and Directed by: Oskar Mellender and Tord Danielsson
Starring: Dilan Gwyn and Eddie Eriksson Dominguez

New to her stepmom role Shirin moves into a duplex with her partner, Fredrik, and his son, Lucas. The new home feels like the right place to start becoming a family. But when Fredrik leaves for work, strange things are heard from the other, uninhabited side. Also, who is Lucas’ new friend?.

The Evil Next Door has a really good sense of style to evoke the dread that this film needs.  The color palette is muted and dark, which fits with the themes and makes for a movie that accentuates the dread.  The film has a nice start that introduces us to the family and their son, Lucas.  It is your typical family moves into a potentially haunted house story, but it is one that hits all the notes you would expect.  And like those stories, the film has a good build up and sense of suspense as more and more unsettling occurrences happen around them.  I liked that it did not build up too quickly or reveal anything too early.

However, The Evil Next Door feels like a past family moves into a haunted house story and that is because it really is.  Take some parts the Conjuring, some parts The Boy, and a splash of other stories and you have a general idea of what happens in this film.  The tropes have all been used before and the formula for the film is something that we have seen many times over.  I often enjoy foreign films because generally those films bring something new to the table but I don't think that was the case of The Evil Next Door.  And despite the generally well done style, the film's effects have a clear use of CG that is distracting, especially for the big reveal when we first see the supernatural characters.  It is a shame too because the setup is not bad and the characters and acting are all good, but it just feels like this is a movie we have seen before.

The Evil Next Door has good performances and a sense of style, but the film uses noticeable CG and the story feels like something we have seen many times before. 

Pass on it. 

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