Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Easy Does It Review: A Fun, Road Trip With Some Crazy Characters

Release date: July 17, 2020
Running time: 97 minutes
Starring: Ben Matheny, Matthew Paul Martinez, Cory Dumesnil, Linda Hamilton

In Easy Does It, two best friends Jack (Matheny) and Scottie (Martinez) are down on their luck.  They live in a small southern town, work a job that they don't like, are in debt to the crime lord of the town--"The King" (Hamilton)--and are constantly scheming to try and score a little bit more money.  However, when they receive a note from Jack's mom about a possible buried treasure, the two start a journey across America to try and retrieve it.  However, when they take on an accidental hostage, their treasure hunt turns into a light-hearted crime spree across the 1970s American South.  

Easy Does It is an interesting film.  Set in the 70s, the film uses film grain effects to give it an authentic look.  It has overblown colors and an old film grain to make the movie seem like it is from the 1970s.  It also occasionally will splice in some home movie style documentary footage and commentary, which is a nice touch to help establish the time frame.  This gives the film an authentic look that instantly differentiates it from other movies.  The movie is mostly about Jack and Scottie, and shortly after it starts, Collin (Dumesnil).  Jack and Scottie have a really good camaraderie and very different characters.  They complement each other well and have a funny, slightly crazy friendship that works for this road trip film.  Collin is more of a straight edge person, but adds something to the overall group.  It is a really fun dynamic between all the characters and their experiences and growth on the road trip are entertaining to watch.  Watching each character grow and progress during this ordeal makes the whole film better as a result.  And the movie also has Linda Hamilton as a crime lord, a role that I'm sure you've never seen her in and one that she completely transforms for.  This movie is all about its characters and there are strong and quirky personalities going through all sorts of experiences and ordeals that you won't be hurting for fun. 

The story of the film sets the stage and then allows the road trip to happen.  Nothing overstays its welcome and plenty happens during this eventful journey to keep you entertained and guessing.  The trio visit plenty of locales that all look authentically from the 1970s; the change in scenery ensures that the journey never gets old.  And that journey is accompanied by some really fantastic music.  The film has a great soundtrack, as all good road trip movies should.  The story has plenty of daydreaming and a fun style when Jack and Scottie are scheming their next petty crime.  Overall, this is just a really enjoyable road trip with some quirky, fun characters that you spend enough time with that you feel invested in them.  It is such a wonderfully different experience that feels very heartfelt.  You can tell that writer / lead Matheny really cared about this production and poured himself into it.  And what you get is such a fun breath of fresh air that you can't help but smile while watching it.

Easy Does It is a breath of fresh indie air. The film's cast of quirky, fun characters, entertaining story, style, and fantastic music fuels a wonderfully enjoyable road trip!

Watch it.
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