Friday, July 3, 2020

Desperados Review: A Hilarious Trip With A Trio Of Strong Personalities

Release date: July 3, 2020
Running time: 106 minutes
Starring:  Nasim Pedrad, Sarah Burns, Anna Camp, Robbie Amell

Hopeless romantic Wesley (Pedrad) has had a disappointing dating life, that sadly has left her at rock bottom.  But when a random occurrence suddenly positions her with the man of her dreams, Jared (Amell), everything is perfect.  Well that is until he suddenly goes MIA after a month of dating.  Angered and upset, Wes fires off a ferocious email only to find out that he was involved in an accident leaving him stuck hospitalized in Cabo, Mexico. In true desperate fashion, Wes along with her two best friends decide that the only way to save her relationship is to retrieve and delete this email before he has a chance to read it.

This girl's trip movie will provide tons of laughs, as its a very silly comedy adventure for love.  And like most films where the lead is looking for their prince charming, it is lighthearted and quirky.  Under no circumstance should you take this film seriously or try to apply rational logic. The film has tons of unrealistic and unbelievable scenes, but this is all in service of the silliness of the story.  Just sit back and enjoy the craziness; if you try to apply reasonableness you might not enjoy it.

The movie starts off strongly and lures its viewers in; the main plot and conflict are revealed early on, leaving the rest of the film for hte viewers to enjoy the distinct characters and silly performances.  Nasim Pedrad along with Anna Camp and Sarah Burns are magical together.  This trio shine individually and as a greater whole throughout the film.  Whether it is through their fashion, their dialogue, or their mannerisms, the trio are able to keep your attention at all times.  Speaking of dialogue, the lines within the movie felt natural and well suited to match each character precisely.  I enjoyed even the drunk adult conversations as well as they were entertaining to say the least.  As good as the lead trio were, the supporting cast were also very entertaining and memorable characters in their own ways.  Robbie Amell is the perfect babyface to balance this already over the top comedy cast.

Desperados's strong cast, hilarious moments, and wonderful personalities will keep you invested and entertained throughout this crazy girls trip.  Sit back and stay entertained through a date night or in a group watch.  

Watch it.

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