Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Babysplitters Review: An Unconventional Comedy That Delivers Frank Dialogue and Laughs

Release date: July 24, 2020
Running time: 119 minutes
Starring: Danny Pudi, Eddie Alfano, Maiara Walsh, Emily Chang

Jeff (Danny Pudi) and Sarah (Emily Chang) have mixed feelings about having a baby, and some biological differences cause them to enlist their friends Don (Eddie Alfano) and Taylor (Maiara Walsh) in a scheme to conceive of and share a baby.  However, when things start to spiral out of control, their friendship and their future parenting arrangement begin to degrade.  

This film mainly focuses on Jeff and Sarah, and thankfully Pudi and Chang are both entertaining with some great chemistry.  They are different enough personalities and this difference leads to some interesting dynamics on screen.  And when they are joined by their friends Don and Taylor, everything gets supercharged.  I especially liked Don's character, the super strong jock who is also extra sensitive.  Together, the two couples form the majority of the fun and interactions in this movie.  And they are all different enough that they are fun to watch on screen.  And aside from the main cast, the two doctors that are in the movie are perfectly cast.  Mark Feuerstein as Jeff's psychiatrist was not on screen much but he was fun to watch.  And Brian Thomas Smith as their fertility doctor was a lot of fun.  His character had a lot more facets than I thought initially and these were fun to discover.  And Jeff's boss, Zeke (Landon Ashworth) is also a fun addition.  Jeff is the oldest employee of a small startup, so there is a lot of age-based humor to add to the mix.  

And some of the craziness that occurs in this film is due to the very funny and frank writing.  Although it doesn't hit all the time, there are enough brutally honest lines that you will be laughing out loud often.  There are several times that the film says things that I imagine a lot of couples say in private, but doesn't get put on the big screen much.  And those make this film all the more relatable, despite the crazy underlying premise.  However, the story of this film has a lot going on and is a lot longer than I expected it to be.  This is not due to lack of content as there are plenty of twists and turns that lead to some hilarious and awkward situations.  But it does seem like the film has too much setup and a little too much explanation in the middle, causing it to drag out.  And although I enjoyed the ending, it did sort of feel like it was a little too convenient given everything that had already occurred. 

The Babysplitters delivers a hilarious, unconventional comedy with a fantastic cast, frank dialogue, and laugh-out-loud situations.

Watch it.
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