Monday, July 20, 2020

In Bright Axiom Review: A Creative Trip

Release date: June 7, 2019 (Digital July 14, 2020)
Running time: 90 minutes
Starring: Geordie Aitken, Tracy Pfau, Anna Seregina

In Bright Axiom is a different type of documentary.  Under a code of absolute discretion, guests are invited into the House of the Latitude, a place where truth and fiction are indistinguishable.  In it, guests discover experiences that open their minds and people that challenge their view of reality.  

In Bright Axiom is an interesting movie.  It is shot in the form of a documentary but it is clearly a fantasy film.  I don't believe it ever comes out and says it is fiction, but that is fine given that you can tell after a little that this is a fictionalized world.  However, the movie does a good job of harnessing this uncertainty.  The characters are fully invested in the docu-drama format of the movie.  They all have flashy or unique costumes, interesting personas, and plenty of quirkiness to keep you entertained.  But they are also fully invested and committed to their roles.  It helps that this docu-drama is set in the real world, with enough unexplained flashbacks and images from the past to keep you guessing.  And this movie has a definite sense of style.  There is a steam punk and techno vibe to much of this film that stays throughout.  And this steam punk / near future theme also is evident in some of the effects, which can have a decidedly neon feel to them, accompanied by some good electronic music.  

In Bright Axiom is like the Island episode of the Simpsons, made into a full movie.  It has a similar feel, similar music style, and similar otherworldly aspect to it.  But it also at times feels like a full motion video game, with a certain amount of camp and unbelievability to it.  This film leans on its style and costume design, which is a good choice.  The costumes are imaginative and very well done.  And although the movie generally has pretty decent, subtle effects with nothing too flashy to distract you, when the movie tries to do too much it is distracting.  It inserts otherworldly characters that just look out of place, or have transition effects that are distracting rather than drawing you in.  However, the whole movie is so different and dedicated that it is one of those movies that I felt like rewatching as soon as it was over, to revisit the world and see if I had missed something.  

In Bright Axiom is a creative trip, with a quirky cast of characters that take you on an otherworldly dive into this fictionalized secret society.  

Rent it.
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