Friday, July 10, 2020

The Old Guard Review: The Complete Action Package You Can Watch Into Eternity

Release date: July 10, 2020
Running time: 125 minutes
Starring: Charlize Theron, KiKi Layne, Marwan Kenzari

The Old Guard is the story of Andy (Theron) also known as Andromache the Scythian, the leader of a group of mercenaries with the mysterious gift / curse of immortality. For many centuries this team has fought to protect the mortal world from the forces of evil. They have been forced to balance the harm that they do with the overall good, taking life when necessary in order to save thousands of others.  But now in the modern day along with the newcomer Nile (Layne), the team has been discovered by an ex-CIA operative who tasks them to eliminate a threat out to discover the source of their powers in their DNA. 

Adapted from the 2017 Image Comics graphic novel, The Old Guard takes its source material with a fresh updated feel. This incredible movie wastes absolutely no time getting you into the action and story, starting off with a literal bang.  And if you are not familiar with the source material or possibly overlooked the trailer, its opening moments will be a complete shock to you.  Even being familiar with the comics, there were still many jaw dropping moments that I was not be prepared for.

The Old Guard did what many action films fail to do: put together a complete film and not just a thinly veiled excuse for fight sequences.  What I truly enjoyed with this film is its ability to cater to all viewers.  Not just the comic book fans or action movie enthusiast but anyone looking for an impressive film to watch.  Netflix has been on fire recently with some stellar action movies (such as Extraction) and The Old Guard follows in this tradition.  The action was astonishing with some of the best sequences I have seen to date.  It even surprised me with stunts and maneuvers I just have not seen in a film.  The fight choreography, whether it was hand-to-hand or gun fights, was simply impressive.  There were so many scenes that made you smile with how amazing it looked and then cringe with how brutal it was.  Charlize Theron has a reputation for impressive fight scenes and you can totally add a few of these to her stellar resume.  Alongside the action, The Old Guard also features a story and plot that will keep viewers invested for the entire journey. The Old Guard is a complete action package, with high quality cinematography and a stellar soundtrack.  Lastly the movie uses a low amount of CG, which gives it a chance to showcase amazing costume and makeup effects, as well as gore and violence for the fight sequences. This lets you enjoy this movie without being pulled out of the experience.  And it even ends with an amazing stinger!

It also should be pointed out that this film goes above and beyond for representation. This film was directed by Gina Prince- Bythewood who is a black female, highlights a LGBTQ romance, and stars two strong female actors.  Alongside the always amazing Charlize Theron, newcomer Kiki Layne has had a versatile career so far and is certainly a future action star! 

The Old Guard is the complete action package with exciting and brutal fight sequences, a meaningful story, and some amazing special effects.  If there is one action movie you have to watch into eternity, this is a pretty great choice. 

Watch it.
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