Monday, July 20, 2020

Unboxing: The Wild Goose Lake on Blu Ray

Thanks to our friends at Film Movement, we have a special unboxing video for you of the upcoming release, The Wild Goose Lake.  Written and directed by award winning filmmaker Yi'nan Diao, The Wild Goose Lake follows gangster Zenong Zhou (Ge Hu), who is fleeing from the law.  During his time evading authority, he crosses paths with an innocent-looking woman named Aiai Liu (Lun-Mei Kwei). Unbeknownst to Zhou, she holds a significant secret. Zhou must then confront the limits of what he is willing to sacrifice both for this stranger and for the family he left behind.

This video will show you what you get from the Blu-Ray copy of this movie.  The film has a very high Rotten Tomatoes rating and looks like an interesting, stylish Chinese crime drama.

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