Thursday, July 9, 2020

I Am Vengeance: Retaliation Review: Royal Rumble In Special Forces Fatigues

Release date: July 13, 2020
Running time: 90 minutes
Starring: Stu Bennett, Vinnie Jones, Katrina Durden

John Gold (Bennett) is back in a new film following up from the 2018 I Am Vengeance.  After discovering that a once presumed dead foe Sean Teague (Jones) is in fact still alive, Gold is brought in to lead a new team of mercenaries to bring in the baddest of the bad. Gold, an ex-special forces solider used to fight with Teague until Teague betrayed his team.  With this past in mind, Gold must lead a team to capture and transport Teague back to military prison to pay for his crimes.  But during this mission to bring him in, Gold will have to battle Teague's team who looks to keep him free, as well as Jen Quaid (Durden) an expert sniper who has her own on plans for Teague. Gold, one of the best in the world in getting his target will have all of his skills and morals put to the test to complete the mission.

This movie wastes no time getting you situated in the action. Quite frankly this movie only knows action as the plot is not too complicated and merely serves as a vehicle for some gunplay and martial arts. And with the action, the gun fights are a mixed bag but the hand to hand combat is what truly carries this movie.  The gunfights have good sound effects but some questionable CGI.  The fight scene choreography, however, is well done; it is a testament to both Saban Films and Director Ross Boyask who has a reputation for good action.  But even with the well done fight scenes there was an abundance of unnecessary fighting.  Although you will be enjoying the action, you will also be left scratching your head about why some of the fights occur.  I am pretty sure one character suffered from a concussion the entire movie that literally did nothing for plot development. And lets not forget that it wouldn't be an action movie with out some cheesy one-liners in which this film nails. 

Vinnie Jones is a natural heel and plays this role perfectly.  His demeanor, tone, and natural charisma make him perfectly situated to bring the best out of this questionable script.  Stu Bennett, former WWE Superstar, continues to flourish in his action star niche. He creates a towering presence in every scene and absolutely shines in any hand to hand combat moments.  Lastly as much as the two leads excelled, I loved the addition of Katrina Durden as a new, dangerous threat.  She was the strong female that character that more action movies need. Totally fearless and stood on her own two feet.  The rest of the cast are also enjoyable, and some have funny quirks that are carried out through the film.  With its overexaggerated performances and good action, it often feels like a WWE royal rumble in special forces fatigues. 

I Am Vengeance: Retaliation is a 90 minute action fest that doesn't take itself too seriously.  With its exaggerated performances, memorable characters, and fantastic hand-to-hand combat, it often feels like a WWE Royal Rumble in special forces fatigues.  

Rent it.

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