Friday, October 30, 2020

What to Watch: Fishbowl, All In, Come Play, The Call, Blackjack, Cut Throat City, Cats, and Bad Therapy

For An Indie Gem - Fishbowl (Digital)
Fishbowl's fantastic style, understated humor, wonderful performances, and subtle touches showcase a family and spiritual crisis surrounded by small town angst and judgment.  For more information, check out our review!

For Those Looking to Vote - All In: The Fight For Democracy (Amazon, Youtube)
All In; The Fight for Democracy is an important film about modern voter suppression techniques, with poignant examples and valuable advice to ensure that all Americans are able to exercise their rights to vote.  It is free to watch this weekend on Youtube so make sure to check it out!  For more information, check out the news story!

For Those Looking For Digital Horror - Come Play (Theaters)
Come Play is a modern Babadook, with fantastic sounds, a creepy modern creature, and palatable tension.  For more information, check out our review!

For 80s Kids and Scream Queens - The Call (Digital)
The Call gives Lin Shaye a platform to shine as a different, insidious type of character, surrounding her with a young cast and a creepy setting for this atmospheric 80s horror callback.  For more information, check out our review!

For the Showboats - Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story (Digital)
Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story is a slam dunk portrayal of the legendary street baller, with a boisterous performance by Finley and a loud style to match the street ball subject and hot-tempered athlete.  For more information, check out our review!

For the Fan of Thrillers and Tension - Cut Throat City (Digital / Redbox)
Cut Throat City has a lot more going on than meets the eye, from its complex characters, to its involved story, and wonderful dialogue, this film steals the spotlight.  For more information, check out our review!

For Those Looking For A Different Type of Horror - Cats (HBO)
Yes, this movie was universally panned.  Yes, it is a strange film.  But it is also catchy and has enough in there that I'm sure you'll be singing through the fever dream that is this film.

For Fans of Awkward Comedy - Bad Therapy (Hulu)
Bad Therapy has three great leads in a dark comedy with funny moments, awkward humor, and ridiculous situations.  For more information, check out our review!

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