Monday, October 12, 2020

Deal: Rent a Private AMC Auditorium Starting at $99 plus tax

If you have been nervous to go back to the theaters, here is a way to make that feel a little more private, host a private party for up to 20 people at an AMC auditorium.  Movie theaters have been hit hard by COVID and it looks like AMC is trying some new ways to get people back in theaters.  Renting out a theater might help to limit the concerns for people nervous about public outings.  

For more information, head to this link here.  

Please note, that this is starting at $99.  I would imagine a screening of something older like Coco, which normally sells tickets for $5 would be $99 whereas a screening of Tenet might be higher.  But still, it is an interesting way to ensure social distancing or trusted guests at your movie.  

From the link: 

Host a personal screening for one or make it a private party for up to 20 people total! It’s perfect for an everyday escape or a celebration to remember. Make AMC your next destination to meet friends and family and reserve an entire AMC Safe & Clean™ auditorium, starting at just $99+tax.

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