Friday, October 9, 2020

The War With Grandpa Review: A Humorous Family Conflict

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Release date: October 9, 2020
Running time: 94 minutes
Starring: Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Rob Riggle, Oakes Fegley, Laura Marano

Sixth-grader Peter (Oakes Fegley) is pretty much your average kid: he likes gaming, hanging with his friends, and his beloved pair of Air Jordans. But when his recently widowed grandfather Ed (Robert De Niro) moves in with Peter's family, the boy is forced to give up his most prized possession of all: his bedroom. Unwilling to let such an injustice stand, Peter devises a series of increasingly elaborate pranks to drive out the interloper, but Grandpa Ed won't go without a fight. Soon, the friendly combatants are engaged in an all-out war with side-splitting consequences. 

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War With Grandpa is first and foremost a funny family comedy.  The internal struggles between Peter and Ed are fun to see and have some pretty hilarious results.  Although some of the pranks are painful to watch (both physically and emotionally), there are a wide variety of hijinks to choose from.  Robert DeNiro is a phenomenal actor, and it is always fun to see him on screen.  But it is especially fun to see him in these unconventional roles, and playing a grandfather fighting with his son is a treat.  Oakes Fegley does a good job as a kid trying to get back his room, but he also seems as believable as an aggressive, mean prankster.  Most of the pranks are light hearted but some of them are downright mean in this film.  But that being said, there are many over the top pranks that will keep the kids laughing (I know mine were).  Uma Thurman is also a treat, who plays the strong mother who is exasperated with the war that is going on.  Rob Riggle plays his usual role of fun, but slightly doting character. And Laura Marano is a fun addition to the family. 

However, that being said, The War With Grandpa is a family comedy that might have a little too much for young kids.  Some of the pranks might be too intense for some young kids to take, and the film also has some language that didn't seem necessary.  Some of the humor and situations are likewise a little more mature than I expected to see in a kids movie, but nothing was too offensive.  The story starts off simply enough but escalates along with the tensions in the family.  They subside for a little (which is an interesting, odd, but heartfelt part) before roaring back up.  And during this time, even when there aren't active pranks there is a certain amount of paranoia from the characters that is interesting to see and should keep adults entertained.  However, all that that being said, the film does have a cute overall message and a good ending.  

The War With Grandpa will bombard your funny bone with some over the top pranks and solid performances from DeNiro and Fegley.  

Rent it.

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