Friday, October 23, 2020

What to Watch This Weekend Veeeeerrryyy Niiiiccce Edition: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Haunt, On the Rocks, White Riot, The Owners, Totally Under Control, Blush, Emma

For Veeerrrryy Niiiice Viewer People - Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (Amazon)
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm keeps much of what made the first film such a crazy, funny experience while tackling some new, modern American issues.  However, the shock value that was characteristic of the first movie just doesn't have as much impact this time around.  For more information, check out our review!

For Those Missing Halloween Festivities - Haunt (Digital, Disc, Streaming)
Haunt's combination of atmospheric, impactful sound, tense and gruesome horror, and unsettling villains makes this a haunted house you will want to explore.  For more information, check out our review!

For Rock Fans and Future Activists - White Riot (Virtual Cinema)
White Riot is a sadly timely movie that showcases how music can be a force for good with a rebellious soundtrack and cast of characters.  For more information, check out our review!

For Relationship Drama Fans - On the Rocks (Apple)
On The Rocks takes many of the tropes of this genre and turns them on their head, with an unconventional story, Bill Murray craziness, and great chemistry between Jones and Wayans.   For more information, check out our review!  

For Those Going Through A Midlife Crisis - Blush (Amazon)
Blush tells a different mid life crisis story with some great acting and an unconventional plot.  For more information, check out our review!

For Those Stuck At Home - Totally Under Control (Hulu)
Totally Under Control looks at the US response to COVID-19 in an eye opening and timely documentary!

For Those Bored And Looking For Trouble - The Owners (Redbox and Digital)
The Owners turns the traditional break in thriller on its head with some brutal scenes, a ton of tension, and a good cast of characters.  For more information, check out our review!

For Those Looking For Something Happy - Emma (HBO)
Emma brings the Jane Austin classic to life with a colorful style, a stellar cast, and an absolute charm that will capture you from the first scene.  For more information, check out our review!

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