Thursday, October 8, 2020

Interview: Fox and Rob Rich from Time, Amazon Prime Documentary About Faith, Family, and Love

Fox and Rob Rich join a roundtables discussion about their new documentary, Time. Time is a powerful, artistic documentary about faith, family, love, and the criminal justice system. They provide insights into their experiences in Time and their important work after the documentary. You don't want to miss this inspiring interview! Joining the roundtable are myself, Dean Rogers from The Rogers Revue and Jared Sims from So give it a watch and make sure to check out the Time on Amazon Prime starting October 16. In 1997, Fox Rich and Rob G. Rich were newly married high school sweethearts trying to start a business in Shreveport, Louisiana, when a moment of desperation led to a botched bank robbery that landed them both in jail. Fox served three and a half years; Rob was sentenced to 60. When Fox emerged, she dedicated her life to getting her husband out of prison and raising their six boys. A model of strength and perseverance, her mantra is, “Family is everything and everything is family.” Fox has spent the last 21 years filing appeals, making phone calls, giving lectures, and serving as a vocal advocate for other families broken up by incarceration — while also running a business and caring for her children on her own. Through it all, she has documented their family’s life for Rob, creating a home-video archive of all the crucial moments he has missed as a father, footage that also reveals Fox’s remarkable trajectory from a vulnerable young woman to an indomitable matriarch, entrepreneur, and abolitionist. Please subscribe to be updated on the latest videos: Connect With Us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
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