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Don't Click Review: A Provocative Premise That Didn't Click

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Release date: December 11, 2020
Running time: 77 minutes
 Valter Skarsgård, Mark Koufos, Catherine Howard
Written By: Courtney Ellum
Directed By: G-Hey Kim

After accessing a pornographic website, two men wake up to find themselves trapped in a dungeon with a supernatural entity.

Directed by  G-Hey Kim	Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)   Courtney Ellum       Produced by  Courtney Ellum	...	executive producer George Mihalka	...	executive producerMusic by  Lora Bidner	Cinematography by  Russ De Jong	Film Editing by  Mike Gallant	Casting By  Marjorie Lecker	Production Design by  Justin Reu	Art Direction by  Fraser Glass	Set Decoration by  Lizeth Otero	Costume Design by  Lyndsay Reader
Don't Click appears to be both a horror film and a cautionary tale about where you go online.  The film follows two friends Josh (Skarsgård) and Zane (Koufos) who are drawn into this strange and scary supernatural world.  Zane is the more willing of the two and definitely takes the lead on visiting the sites.  Josh is drawn in unintentionally and that was part of the odd aspect of this film.  The two had a nice contrast, with Zane being the more introverted and Josh being the more extroverted.  But it didn't really explain why Zane was drawn to this extreme type of pornography before thrusting us into the world.  It felt like the explanation was that Zane was introverted, but there are plenty of introverted people that aren't drawn to this.  And when we are transported to the supernatural dungeon, that is also hit or miss.  Overall the dungeon had some eerie aspects and supernatural effects.  But the special effects in the dungeon kept drawing me out of the experience.  The practical make up special effects were ok, but often had some strange looking blood or odd spurts here and there.  And the CG aspects that clued you in that this was a supernatural environment felt a little off.  It had an 80s or 90s video game or movie grain to it, which didn't quite fit with the online website aspect.  

And overall the story of Don't Click just didn't click with me.  It seems to be a cautionary tale but it also didn't really provide enough backstory for these characters and Zane's curiosity.  And it also didn't explain why Josh was pulled into this world, as he didn't seem to have any interest in this.  Nor did it provide any backstory into the victim that is central to this dungeon.  And often the film seems gory for gores sake.  The torture aspect didn't seem to contribute to the pornography angle and it often seemed like the extreme scenes were there just for shock value.  The story also doesn't really connect the supernatural entity to anything.  Why is it there, why is it only targeting a few individuals when there are seemingly many on the website, and why does it slowly go back and forth between the real world and the virtual one?  Overall, Don't Click seemed like a provocative premise, but the execution and explanation didn't really click for me.

Don't Click has a provocative premise, but the overall story, explanation, and some aspects of the film didn't click for me.  

Pass on it.

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