Monday, December 21, 2020

32 Weeks Review: A Charming Drama, With A Twist

Release date: November 24, 2020
Running time: 82 minutes
Starring:  Nicole Souza, Scott Bender, Ayanna S. Flemings, Patricia Galvez
Written and Directed By: Brian Cavallaro

After a car accident leaves a young woman with amnesia, she is torn between the new man in her life that she can't remember and her ex who she can't forget.

32 Weeks feels like a charming indie romance drama, and in many ways it is.  It has a cute cast and has an interesting story about one girl trying to rebuild her life after a car accident.  The film introduces the main characters early, and then begins to piece things together for her.  The main star is Nicole Souza, who plays Cole.  She has the unenviable position of carrying the film when she often doesn't know who the people she is interacting with are.  She has a nice, guarded demeaner during this whole ordeal because she rightly doesn't remember who some of these people she is interacting with.  And Scott Bender is also really good as Simon, her boyfriend.  He has to convince her that they were happy when she doesn't remember anything about their relationship.  And he balances that line very well, with a slightly awkward charm that is fun to see.  And all of this is accompanied by some very good music to help tell the story.  

And speaking of the story, the it is told out of order, which lets you experience the past and present at various times.  It does a good job of slowly revealing bits about Cole's past while not revealing too much.  It is frustrating at first but I appreciated what it was doing to keep the audience invested. But what this film really has going for it is that it starts off as a cute indie film, but part way through the story starts to take a turn.  It isn't fully revealed until the very end, but it does change many aspects of the film.  It threw me off at first but I did appreciate this extra depth and the message it was trying to send.  But unfortunately, for me the twist finally revealed itself and resolved itself a little too quickly.  Granted it had a decent amount of foreshadowing, but the final reveal does come fast.  I also didn't love how it resolved itself.  But that being said, the build up to everything and the extra depth do make 32 Weeks something more interesting than it initially portrays itself as. 

32 Weeks starts off as a cute relationship indie film with charming performances by the leads, but reveals it has more depth and mystery as you learn more about Cole and her past.  

Rent it.

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