Friday, December 4, 2020

Still Today Review: A Charming Romantic One Night Journey

Release date: November 10, 2020
Running time: 82 minutes
Starring: Jody Thompson, Teri Wyble, Hunter Burke, Carlos Aviles 
Director: Tommy Walton
Writer: Jody Thompson

After being left at the altar, Pete's groomsmen give him a wedding gift he'll never forget. An escort. Maybe it's the Lunar Eclipse, maybe it's fate, but after a magical night in the city maybe this girl is what Pete needed all along.

Still Today is a predicable, unpredictable romantic comedy.  You generally have an inkling of where the story is going, but there are plenty of little surprises here and there to keep you entertained.  It's as if you know the destination of the journey, but the actual route to get there is what provides the fun and excitement.  The activities that Pete (Thompson) and Jenny (Wyble) go through during their night together are fairly random and provide plenty of smiles.  It also allows them to slowly get to know each other throughout the night.  And this is made even better by the chemistry between Thompson and Wyble, who despite seeming like an odd pair at the start begin to grow on each other.  And as they become more familiar, their awkward chemistry at the start turns into actual chemistry. 

However, although Still Today is a very enjoyable film with some fun moments, it is not perfect.  The acting can be hit or miss from some of the supporting members at the start of the film; nothing too off-putting but noticeable.  And Pete's character, while he has flashes of genuine likability, goes through some mood swings during the night and also has a scene that grated me the wrong way.  Granted, he has been through a lot in this story but it still felt like a mood shift that was too far in the opposite direction.  But don't let those minor criticisms dissuade you from this charming romantic indie.  It really is fun to see the various activities that the pair get up to during the night, and there is plenty of heart and humor along the way.  

Still Today is a charming romantic comedy that has some unconventional leads in a long, one night romantic journey that will give you plenty to smile about.

Rent it.

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Still Today is available digitally and on demand on November 10, 2020.

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