Friday, December 18, 2020

Interview: Jody Thompson (Director, Writer, Star) of Still Today w/ Teri Wyble, Hunter Burke, Mark Ashworth

Jody Thompson, writer, director, and star of the funny relationship comedy drama Still Today discusses the film, how he was able to shoot so much for one wild night, and his overall acting style. He also discusses some of the lucky occurences that happened to help get this charming indie film made! So give it a watch and make sure to check out Still Today, available digitally and on demand! Starring: Jody Thompson, Teri Wyble, Hunter Burke, Carlos Aviles Director: Tommy Walton Writer: Jody Thompson Synopsis: After being left at the altar, Pete's groomsmen give him a wedding gift he'll never forget. An escort. Maybe it's the Lunar Eclipse, maybe it's fate, but after a magical night in the city maybe this girl is what Pete needed all along.

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