Friday, December 4, 2020

What to Watch This Weekend: Half Brothers, Getting To Know You, Sound of Metal, Dave Not Coming back, Mayor, Anything For Jackson, Princess of the Row, King of Knives, The Rental

For A Family Adventure Bridging Countries - Half Brothers (In Theaters)
Half Brothers has a ridiculous premise, two very likeable stars, and enough laugh out loud and heartfelt moments to make you feel like you're part of this loving, crazy family.  For more information, check out the review!

For A More Adult, Realistic Romantic Comedy - Getting To Know You (Digital)
Getting To Know You is a wonderful, understated drama / comedy featuring two fantastic leads with amazing chemistry and a realistic, decidedly more adult story about love and life.  For more information, check out our review!

For An Eye And Ear Opening Coming of Age - Sound of Metal (Amazon)
Sound of Metal is an eye opening and innovative journey, with amazing sound design and a story that highlights challenges, dispels stereotypes, and asks some interesting questions about happiness and desire.  For more information, check out our review!

For A Deep Diving Documentary - Dave Not Coming Back (Digital)
Dave Not Coming Back is both a cautionary tale and a beautiful human story about a dive that was bigger than all involved, and that led to some dire consequences.  For more information, check out our review!

For A Fascinating, Human Documentary - Mayor (Virtual Cinema)
Mayor follows the day-to-day life of a charismatic, passionate, and refreshingly open politician navigating some of the unique challenges of managing a Palestinian city striving for modernization and legitimacy.  For more information, check out our review!

For The Horror Fans - Anything For Jackson (Shudder)
Anything For Jackson is a fresh take on the horror ritual genre, with a fantastic style, great performances, and a humorous and unsettling story for these inexperienced cultists.  For more information, check out our review!

For A Heartbreaking Family Drama - Princess of the Row (Digital)
The Princess of the Row is a heartfelt and heartbreaking coming of age story with phenomenal characters and performances, beautiful cinematography, and plenty of intensity and emotion.  For more information, check out our review!

For An Honest And Humorous Family Drama - King of Knives (Digital)
King of Knives is both comedic and honest, with some entertaining characters and important commentary on life, love, and expectations versus reality.  For more information, check out our review!

For The AirBNB Specialists - The Rental (Redbox)
The Rental has a lot of story development but does not overstay its welcome, with good characters, a creepy motif, and a story that layers secrets on secrets.  For more information, check out our review!

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