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Suffer For Good Review: A Very Human Story About Pursuing Your Dreams

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Release date: December 8, 2021
Running time: 85 minutes
Seb Zewdie
Written and Directed By: Danny Simmons

By teaching the sport he loves an aging boxing coach and diplomatic refugee rediscovers his dream to fight in the United States of America.  Suffer For Good is all about hard work and that is embodied in Seb Zewdie's whole life.  He has worked to support his family and hone his craft, but circumstances outside of his control prevented him from fulfilling his dream of going to the Olympics.  Now, years later, he puts his love and effort into training future fighters, but now wants to reenter the ring for another bout.

Suffer For Good has some really great lessons to learn.  It teaches you about hard work, perseverance, and making sure you give it your all.  The moral of the story sometimes isn't whether or not you win, but rather did you do everything you could have done to get there.  And Seb has some really great insights and stories from growing up for how he was able to become the person he is today.  He is such a skilled fighter and coach, but is quite humble when talking about himself.  It really is an inspiring story and one that is made all the more entertaining by the people that Seb surrounds himself with.  The film focuses a lot on his students who all are training for various fighting goals.  But they all have one thing in common and it was wonderful to see how much they admire and look up to Seb.  It is evident from each of them just how much he has affected their lives and how much they respect him.

And on top of being a good story, Suffer For Good is also a well made documentary, with some beautiful footage of the Los Angeles area where Seb lives and of the fights themselves.  A few times the movies shows the LA Memorial Coliseum in stunning shots and it reminds me just how special that place is.  It is a shame that Seb wasn't able to fight in that Coliseum for the Olympics, but the footage they do show evokes that special place.  And the movie also follows a good story arc as Seb trains his students and himself for the ring.  His insights are interesting, as well as the pressure he puts on himself to meet the lofty goals he sets for his students.  And when Seb does finally step into the ring, it is a sight to behold.  

Suffer For Good highlights the importance of hard work and determination, and shows that in life you are never too old to pursue your dreams.

Watch it.

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