Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Danny Simmons and Seb Zewdie Interview for Suffer For Good, Inspirational Boxing Documentary

Danny Simmons, the writer and director, and Seb Zewdie, the star, discuss their film, Suffer For Good, why they decided to make this documentary and what it was like to film. They also discuss some of the footage that didn't make the film and a possible sequel! So give it a watch and make sure to check out Suffer For Good digitally and on demand! Starring: Seb Zewdie Written and Directed By: Danny Simmons Synopsis: By teaching the sport he loves an aging boxing coach and diplomatic refugee rediscovers his dream to fight in the United States of America. Suffer For Good is all about hard work and that is embodied in Seb Zewdie's whole life. He has worked to support his family and hone his craft, but circumstances outside of his control prevented him from fulfilling his dream of going to the Olympics. Now, years later, he puts his love and effort into training future fighters, but now wants to reenter the ring for another bout.Please subscribe to be updated on the latest videos!

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