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Skull: The Mask Review: A Violent, Blood-Filled Slasher Throwback

Tristan Aronovich	...	Nobuto Ivo Müller	Ivo Müller	...	Tack Waelder Micas Carvalho	Micas Carvalho	...	Scientist Guta Ruiz	Guta Ruiz	...	Galvani Volta Natallia Rodrigues	Natallia Rodrigues	...	Beatriz Obdias Beatriz Severo	Beatriz Severo	...	Bianca Elder Fraga	Elder Fraga	...	Oswaldo Eduardo Semerjian	Eduardo Semerjian	...	Herr Schädel Gilda Nomacce	Gilda Nomacce	...	Delegada Bruna Tristão Greta Antoine	Greta Antoine	...	Lilah Lívia Inhudes	Lívia Inhudes	...	Mari David Wendefilm	David Wendefilm	...	Günther Jena Thiago Carvalho	Thiago Carvalho	...	Cleaning Technician Raphael Borghi	Raphael Borghi	...	Policeman flashback Laerte Késsimos	Laerte Késsimos	...	Pablo Fernanda Fraiz	Fernanda Fraiz	...	Extra Ricardo Gelli	Ricardo Gelli	...	Padre Vasco Magno Rurik Jr.	Rurik Jr.	...	Skull

Release date: May 7, 2021
Running time: 92 minutes
Starring Rurik Jr., Wilton Andrade, Natallia Rodrigues, Ivo Müller, Ricardo Gelli Guta Ruiz, Gilda Nomacce and Tristan Aronovich
Written and Directed By: Armando Fonseca and Kapel Furman

In this splatter-filled supernatural slasher, a Pre-Columbian artifact contains the spirit of Anhangá, the executioner of the god Tahawantinsupay. Whoever wears the masked is possessed by Anhangá and compelled to commit sacrifices to resurrect his god. It’s up to a museum assistant and a policewoman to stop the slaughter before the ritual is completed. A throwback treat for fans of ‘80s slashers and gory practical effects.

Alexandre Tigano	...	Sgt. Koff Adriana Paulini	Adriana Paulini	...	Extra Wilton Andrade	Wilton Andrade	...	Manco Ramirez Eizabeth Carvalho	Eizabeth Carvalho	...	Extra Che Moais	Che Moais	...	Pajé Iratinga Eric Bortolato	Eric Bortolato	...	Henchman Luciana Stipp	Luciana Stipp	...	Forensics Lucas Simões	Lucas Simões	...	Extra Nelson Aparecido	Nelson Aparecido	...	Extra Ana Clara Prado	Ana Clara Prado	...	Woman Nightclub Ace	Ace	...	BWF Fighter Luis Alberto Muniz Navas	Luis Alberto Muniz Navas	...	Extra Lucas Elias	Lucas Elias	...	Extra Vanessa da Silva	Vanessa da Silva	...	Extra Zeca Mallembah	Zeca Mallembah	...	Joaquim Douglas Luz	Douglas Luz	...	Policeman Big Boy	Big Boy	...	BWF Fighter Emílio Phoenix	Emílio Phoenix	...	Drug Dealer
Skull: The Mask bills itself as an old school, 80s throwback slasher and it definitely lives up to that in many ways.  The movie has an old film feel to it with exaggerated colors.  And in some of the earlier scenes, there is an extra film filter that is used to give it the feel of archival film with warping, artifacts, and tearing.  And the movie also has over the top acting and a plot that is overly dramatic and apocalyptic. 

But one of the main draws of Skull: The Mask is the over the top gore.  Those looking for an old style film with plenty of practical effects and gallons of blood will definitely enjoy this.  The blood and body parts fly freely as the supernatural executioner continues his seemingly unstoppable rampage.  And the kills are well varied, with some imaginative implements of death utilized by Anhangá.  They all fall into your typical slasher grouping, but there are some very gruesome ways that the executioner does his business.

But Skull: The Mask's throwback style also hurts it.  For one, the story does not make much sense and is tough to follow.  This might be by design, but it also leads to a movie that just felt like one gory set piece after another.  And the film's exaggerated acting leads to some corny situations, again, which might be by design but hurt my overall enjoyment.  Additionally, Skull: The Mask loads on some side stories to the main film, leading to a movie that is complicated  and overly long when it should be relatively straightforward.  The throwback style of the film also leads to some scenes having unnecessary camera shake that was just distracting.  Again some of these might be by design but they can lead to a film that feels like a throwback no one asked for.  That being said, the film will satisfy genre fans with its violent deaths and old school style.  

Skull: The Mask's over the top deaths, gratuitous practical effects, and old school 80s slasher feel will satisfy genre fans looking for a little more blood and body parts in their films. 

Rent it.

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