Thursday, May 6, 2021

Tu Me Manques Interview: Rodrigo Bellott, Jose Duran, Benjamin Lukovski, and Quim del Rio

Writer and director Rodrigo Bellott and stars Jose Duran, Benjamin Lukovski , and Quim de Rio discuss Tu Me Manques, how they filmed this interesting film, and differences between the play and the movie! We also discuss some of the friends who inspired characters and hear their thoughts on Shakira! So give it a watch and make sure to check out Tu Me Manques in select theaters on April 22, 2021 and digitally and on demand on May 4, 2021! Written and Directed By: Rodrigo Bellott Starring: Oscar Martinez, Rossy de Palma, Fernando Barbosa, Quim del Rio, Jose Durán, Benjamin Lukovski, Dominic Colón, Rick Cosnett Synopsis: Following the death of his son, Jorge travels from conservative Bolivia to NYC to confront Sebastian - his son’s boyfriend. While Jorge struggles to accept the life of his son, Sebastian channels his grief into a bold play honoring his lost love.

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