Friday, May 28, 2021

What to Watch This Weekend: Cruella, A Quiet Place, Deliver Us From Evil, Welcome Matt, Women, Chaos Walking, Emma, Blue Miracle

For A Stylish Origin Story: Cruella (Theaters and Disney+ Premiere)
Cruella is a stylish, bold origin story and an unexpected surprise from Disney, with a marvelously wicked performance from Stone and a darker, more fashionable film from the House of Mouse.  For more information, check out the review!

For A Quietly Good Sequel: A Quiet Place Part II (Theaters)
A Quiet Place Part II continues the Abbott's story with the same amazing sound effects and trademark muffled horror that made the first movie such an auditory treat.  For more information, check out the review!

For A Korean Man on Fire: Deliver Us From Evil (Digital and Physical)
Deliver Us From Evil has exciting action, a booming soundtrack, and a gritty story that starts as a slow-burning crime thriller and ends as a raging action inferno.  For more information, check out the review

For Those Wanting To Stay In: Welcome Matt (Digital)
Welcome Matt brings together a very funny all black cast for a hilarious and human story about life, love, success, and overcoming obstacles.  For more information, check out the review!

For The True Crime Fans: Women (Digital)
Women is a slow building crime drama with a well realized world, good character build up, and a dramatic, slow burning story that will capture your attention.  For more information, check out the review!

For Those Who Can't Hear Themselves Think: Chaos Walking (Redbox)
Chaos Walking's interesting premise, great chemistry between Holland and Ridley, and unusual story will invade your thoughts in this new sci-fi epic.    For more information, check out the review!

For Those Looking For Something Happy - Emma (HBO)
Emma brings the Jane Austin classic to life with a colorful style, a stellar cast, and an absolute charm that will capture you from the first scene.  It is leaving HBO after this weekend so make sure to catch it before it's gone.  For more information, check out our review!

For A Feel Good Film: Blue Miracle (Netflix)
Based on a true story, this feel good film reels you in with its balance adventure, characters, and feel good spirit.  It is not a deep film, but it is one that will at least pull at your heartstrings in all the right ways!

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